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Our On Demand Trainings are designed to provide  easy access to training on various education related topics.  Each On Demand Webinar is pre-recorded and can be watched at your leisure.  Each provides one hour of continuing education training…you can even download a certificate of attendance from within the training!

“411 of Dyslexia”:  The Current State of Dyslexia in Texas

Dr. Jennifer Alexander of Texas Education Agency and Cynthia Buechler provide an in-depth discussion of the current state of dyslexia in Texas.  This 2 hour presentation was originally presented as a live webinar on April 29, 2022.  This is the recorded version and includes the handouts and a certificate of attendance. 

Cost:  $65.00                            Presenter:  Dr. Jennifer Alexander and Cynthia Buechler                                 CEU Credits:  2 Hours

Addressing Sexual Harassment Under Title IX When Students with Special Needs are Involved

Cynthia Buechler has been practicing disabilities law for over 30 years and will be your guide through this topic.  Learn about the school’s requirements during the Title IX complaint process, how to conduct an investigation, what must be done after the report is completed, and how special needs students are addressed under Title IX. 
*This On Demand Webinar is FREE and includes the handouts and a certificate of attendance for CEU credits.

Cost:  FREE!                            Presenter:  Cynthia Buechler                                 CEU Credits:  1 Hour

“You Can’t Send Me to DAEP, I have a BIP!”:  Discipline and the Student with Special Needs

Join William Buechler, school law attorney with Buechler & Associates, as he discusses situations involving special needs students and discipline.

Cost:  $30.00                            Presenter:  William Buechler                                 CEU Credits:  1 Hour

The Many Faces of ADHD:  Identifying and Programming Under Section 504

If a student has ADHD, does that student qualify automatically for Section 504?   When would a school be required to evaluation for ADHD under Section 504?  Can the school require the parent to get a physician to diagnose a student with ADHD?  What kind of accommodations might occur for a student who has ADHD under Section 504?  These and many other questions are addressed by Cynthia Buechler in this training.

Cost:  $30.00                            Presenter:  Cynthia Buechler                                 CEU Credits:  1 Hour

“Where is That in Writing?”  Properly Documenting Under Section 504

Why is proper documentation important?  To prevent litigation, if you are in litigation it will be necessary for discovery and evidence, it is useful in employee related matters and TEA/OCR complaints, and is critical during Section 504 local hearings.  William Buechler, school law attorney, will discuss the whys and how to’s during this presentation.

Cost:  $30.00                            Presenter:  William Buechler                                 CEU Credits:  1 Hour

“Preparing for the Day the Bus Stops Coming”:  Providing an Effective 18+ Program

What are the district’s responsibilities once a child turns 18 years of age?  What are 18+ programs and who is eligible for them?  Can the district sign a student up for programs and services provided by outside agencies?  Cynthia Buechler, school law attorney, will answer these questions and more in this training session.

Cost:  $30.00                            Presenter:  Cynthia Buechler                                 CEU Credits:  1 Hour

*Cancellation Policy:  Once purchased, you will have immediate access to the NELI On Demand Training you purchased.  Once you have accessed the training material, no  cancellation or refund is available.  View full list of Terms and Conditions

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