About Us

Initially founded in 1992, the National Educators Law Institute (NELI) was created as a vehicle for simplifying the laws regarding education and providing practical tools for educators to use on a daily basis. Over the years, NELI has emerged as one of the top providers of specialized training in education law and products for educators across the country.

Numerous conferences throughout the year draw thousands of attendees and focus on the nuts and bolts of education law, including constitutional, disabilities, and employment law issues, to name a few. Popular annual NELI workshops and conferences include the Assessment Boot Camp (Austin, Texas), our 504 Academy (Austin, Texas), an annual Disabilities Conference for Educators (Houston, Texas) and a Day on Behavior (Austin, Texas).

NELI Live Webinars and NELI On Demand Webinars offer guidance on a variety of education-related topics.  Whether you need easy access to CEU hours or need training on the latest issues, NELI has a Webinar for it.  Our Webinars include guest presenters who are experts in their field and have presented to audiences nationwide.

NELI’s line of products continues to grow and currently includes instructional DVDs, Folders to help track student progress and information, and a line of Desktop References that provide easy access to information on topics including Section 504, MDR for special education and restraint and timeout.

Two of NELI’s most popular presenters are Cynthia S. Buechler and William M. Buechler, who also serve as the Institute’s director and managing director, respectively. Mr. and Mrs. Buechler are attorneys who practice exclusively in the area of school law. Other frequent guest speakers and presenters at NELI conferences include education and special education law attorneys, experienced school administrators, and specialists in various areas related to education.

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