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NELI 28th Annual Autism & Disabilities Conference

Welcome!  This page is for those who have registered for our upcoming Conference and will be YOUR CENTRAL HUB for everything to do with our Autism & Disabilities Conference!  You might want to bookmark this page for easy access.

Below you will find links to the topics that have been recorded, where to sign up for the Live Webinars that will occur on March 2 and where to download the handouts for each topic.  Certificates of attendance will be emailed shortly after March 2.

*You will have access to recorded versions of ALL topics covered at the conference through April 2, 2022.  Watch as many times as you would like at your own pace…and at your own place. 

Live Webinars

You will need to sign up for each of the Live Webinars to be held on March 22, 2022.  To sign up, click on the title of each Live Webinar below:

Attend the Live Webinars on the specific dates OR watch the recorded version at your convenience!

Recorded Webinars

All On Demand topics of our Conference will be available for viewing shortly!  We will add topics as soon as they are recorded.  Follow this link to gain access to all available On Demand topics.  The topics you can watch On Demand include:

  • “Dotting Your I’s and Crossing Your T’s”:  How to Effectively Document the Implementation of the IEP (presented by Cynthia Buechler – Buechler & Associates, P.C.)  AVAILABLE 
  • “Can a Student Have Autism and an Emotional Disturbance?”:  How to Appropriately Evaluate for Autism When Other Conditions May Be Present (presented by Gail Cheramie, Ph.D. – Educational Consultant)  AVAILABLE
  • Autism in the Courts:  An Update on Cases Dealing with Autism (presented by William Buechler – Buechler & Associates, P.C.)  AVAILABLE 
  • “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”:  Creating Meaningful Social Connections for Students with Autism (presented by Audra Hastings, BCBA – ESC Region 7)  AVAILABLE


Handout Materials

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