There is Only One Initial Evaluation, All Others
are Re-evaluations

Our REED Folder guides the evaluator through the analysis of whether additional evaluation data are needed and in what areas, and assists the evaluator in developing an assessment plan when additional data are needed.

25 Folders:     $125.00
50 Folders:     $200.00 (includes free access to the Re-evaluation Webinar)
100 Folders:   $300.00 (includes free access to the Re-evaluation Webinar)

Our REED Folders were created by Dr. Gail Cheramie, attorney Cynthia Buechler and LSSP Donna Black.  The folders assist evaluators in determining critical dates for the re-evaluation and review ARD meeting, and help them collect all relevant data, including:

    • Previous evaluation results
    • Academc performance
    • Behavioral information
    • Attendance
    • Present levels of academic achievement and functional performance

The folders ensure that the evaluator has conducted a thorough analysis of all relevant data to see if there is a need for additional testing to determine:

    • The continued presence of a disability and educational needs
    • The PLAAFPs
    • Whether the child continues to need special education and related services
    • Whether any additions or modifications to the IEP are needed to enable the child to master the goals and objectives and to participate, as appropriate, in the general curriculum

Dr Gail Cheramie and Cynthia Buechler discuss the purpose of REED Folder

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“There’s Only One FIE…Everything Else is a Re-evaluation: Making Sure that the Re-evaluation is Appropriate is a 50 minute recorded webinar by Dr. Gail Cheramie who uses the re-evaluation folder to make the complicated re-evaluation process understandable and easy to follow.  Dr. Cheramie provides critical guidance on evaluation planning and guidance, including:

  • What information needs to be collected and considered.
  • What questions need to be asked and answered.
  • How to use this data to determine what testing, if any, is needed to identify the student’s current eligibilities and needs.
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