NELI “Gimme The Works”

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NELI "Gimme The Works"

Date(s) - 12/08/2021 - 12/10/2021
All Day

Price (per registrant)

On Demand and Live Webinar Training!  This signs you up for both our Pre Conference Day on Behavior and the Main Conference.  Topics Include:

  • Ongoing Effects of Trauma on Students and Effective Trauma-informed Practices that Help (LIVE Webinar December 8 @ 10:00 am cst)
  • The New Requirements for Time-out, FBAs, BIPs and Restraint (LIVE Webinar December 8 @ 2 pm cst)
  •  “He Was Just Self Medicating!”:  How to Effectively Conduct a Manifestation Determination Review (MDR) (On Demand Webinar)
  • “I’m Going to $*&! You AND Your Mother”:  Addressing the Verbally and Physically Violent Student (On Demand Webinar)
  • “He Has a Right to Be in General Education Classes Even if He Bit Three Kids!”:  The Least Restrictive Environment and the Behaviorally Challenged Student (On Demand Webinar)
  • How to Effectively Evaluate for Dyslexia Under Special Education (LIVE Webinar December 9 @ 10:00 am cst)
  • Remote Learning Requirements Under Senate Bill 15 (LIVE Webinar December 9 @ 2 pm cst)
  • Special Education in Texas:  State of the State and Important Changes to Monitoring (LIVE Webinar December 10 @ 10:00 am cst)
  • Accountability 2022:  Who Needs A-F When ABC Will Do Nicely!:  A Look at Assessment and Accountability as we Move Forward to STARR 2.0 and a Redesigned System in 2022-23 (LIVE Webinar December 10 @ 2:00 pm cst)
  • The COVID 19 Special Education Recovery Act, Senate Bill 89:  How to Appropriately Complete the Required Supplement (Recorded)
  • Addressing Failures on the State Assessment and EOCs:  HB 4545 and the Student with Special Needs (Recorded)
  • Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow:  Dismissing a Student from Speech or a Related Service (Recorded)
  • Navigating the Special Education Due Process Hearing, Including the New Statute of Limitations (Recorded)
  • “Johnny Wants to be Quarterback!”:  A Student with Special Needs and Participation in Extracurricular Activities (Recorded)


*Attend the Live Webinars on the specific dates or watch the recorded version at your convenience.  All topics will be available in recorded format through January 10, 2022.

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