NELI “Gimme The Works” 2023

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NELI "Gimme The Works" 2023

Date(s) - 12/06/2023 - 12/08/2023
All Day

Price (per registrant)

On Demand and Live Webinar Training!  This signs you up for both our Pre Conference Day on Behavior and the Main Conference.  Topics Include (subject to change):

  • “Is He Dangerous or Not Dangerous, Only His Juvenile Records Know for Sure”:  How it Took Litigation for a School to Obtain the Juvenile Records of a Violent Student  (LIVE Webinar December 6 @ 10:00 am cst)
  • “The Real Deal”:  School Based Behavioral and Mental Health Supports that Really Work (LIVE Webinar December 6 @ 2 pm cst)
  •  “#Onlinebullying”:  Handling Social Media Offenses that Occur Outside of School (On Demand Webinar)
  • “Vaping is Mandatory, Weed is Discretionary…What Were They Thinking?”:  Addressing the Changes to Discipline Under Chapter 37 (On Demand Webinar)
  • “He Was Just Joking When He Said He’d Blow Up the School”:  How to Effectively Conduct a Threat Assessment (On Demand Webinar)
  • “To Manifest or Not to Manifest, That is the Question”:  Conducting a Bulletproof MDR (On Demand Webinar)
  • The Divorce is Final:  Dyslexia has Left Section 504 for Special Education (LIVE Webinar December 7 @ 10:00 am cst)
  • When Nondisabled Students, Their Parents and Employees Interfere with FAPE (LIVE Webinar December 7 @ 2 pm cst)
  • The Dyslexia Legislation and How it Impacts the Full Individual Evaluation (LIVE Webinar December 8 @ 10:00 am cst – 75 minutes)
  • “2023…We Made it Through”:  What’s Next for STAAR and STAAR-Alt27 (LIVE Webinar December 8 @ 2:00 pm cst – 75 minutes)
  • “I Want to Watch the Video”:  What the Law Requires Regarding Video Recordings (Recorded)
  • “My Child Needs His Own Paraprofessional to be Successful”:  What Exactly Does “Supplementary Aids and Services” Entail? (Recorded)
  • “Are You My Mother?”:  Who Constitutes a “Parent” Under IDEA (Recorded)
  • “My Child Needs to be in All General Education”:  What Does Least Restrictive Environment and the Continuum of Placements Really Mean? (Recorded)


*Attend the Live Webinars on the specific dates or watch the recorded version at your convenience.  All topics will be available in recorded format through January 31, 2024.

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