General Educator’s Guide to Accommodations DVD

Classroom-based Scenarios to Identify Accommodations

$125.00 + 5.95 Shipping/Handling
Includes 10 Student Accommodations Folders

DVD Training – General Educator’s Guide to Accommodations

Accommodations are instructional adaptations that provide a student with equal access to learning and an equal opportunity to show what he or she can do. The most important thing to know about accommodations is that they are NOT optional!
The General Educator’s Guide to Accommodations DVD takes a lighthearted and humorous look at accommodations in the general education setting. An easy-to-digest 15 minutes in length, the DVD uses classroom-based scenarios to identify typical accommodations and reinforce the concept that all teachers are responsible for implementing and documenting them. Topics covered in the DVD include:

  • Accountability
  • Individualized Accommodations
  • Dealing with Parent Requests
  • Providing Accommodations
  • Implementing Accommodations
  • Documenting Implementation
  • Extended Time
  • Highlighted Texts

Sample DVD Clip

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